Are you an active person?
Are you interested in joining the Dakini team?
Do you take Dakini experience as a challenge?
Would you like to experience together with our guests, organizers and participants  – 4 days and nights in a fairy – like environment, on the Black Sea  coast –  a unique experience?
If your answers were yes, we are glad to have you in our team!
Please answer the following questions and send the questionnaire to the following email address: volunteers@dakinifestival.com.
Together we will respect and will protect the environment, will maintain the cleanliness and will show to the world the importance and necessity of waste collection, we will organize workshops, will show the main zones and the schedule of the events during the 4 days  and nights; and much much more.
Together, we will promote and share fundamental values and unique moments!


The filling out of the above questionnaire and submitting it to the organizers – by law, represents the consent of the applicant as well as the confirmation concerning the accuracy of the contained data.
In case the applicant will be admitted – included in the voluntary program Dakini – he is accepting to respect the indications of the organizer according to the chosen options, as well as respecting the schedule and the program that he applied for.
Any attempt of altering the disposals contained herein is a malfeasance and will lead to the end of the collaboration between the two parties – meaning the end of the right of the voluntary worker to have access on the perimeter of the event and the outbuildings.
The voluntary worker is responsible for possessing at the moment of showing up at the access gate/ receiving the ‘’volunteer’’ access band, a valid ID in accordance with the data filled out in the above questionnaire. If the data contained in the ID does not match the info submitted to us in the questionnaire – the volunteer will be denied the access.
The volunteer workers will wear – during the scheduled hours – designated uniforms – provided by the organizers.
By including the voluntary worker in the Dakini voluntary program – the worker is aware of the following: by law – the voluntary work is and will remain unpaid – the organizers or the partners not being under any legal obligation to make the payment for: the covering of the transportation/accommodation/ meals expenses, etc
By filling out and submitting the present questionnaire the applicant is not automatically accepted as Dakini volunteer – this will be determined after the selection that will take place.
** rest assured that we will analyze every application in detail, giving equal chances and opportunities to all the applicants, regardless of their race, nationality, age, religion or disability.

Thank you,