Only those previously registered through specialized services and who have a valid access ticket will be able to access the event DAKINI FESTIVAL – given that upon presentation in the access gates area, the validity of the ticket is confirmed and the access type wristband is received. The wristband cannot be transmitted. Those who will show up in the access areas with wristbands that are damaged or that have traces indicating that they were subjected to a “been borrowed”- will not be granted access to the perimeter, even if they own the initial ticket. Access/exit from the perimeter can only be made by presenting the intact wristband to the authorized staff in the access areas.

Participants may be subjected to body search. In case of refusal, the access is not allowed.

The access of minors unaccompanied by one of the parents or an adult under a Power of Attorney given by a Public Notary is strictly forbidden.

Not allowed access with:

  • Fireworks, firecrackers or other explosive/pyrotechnics/toxic flammable substances firecrackers, fireworks, glass, blunt objects, firearms, knives, umbrellas, paralyzing spray;
  • Umbrellas, canes, etc.;
  • Guns, knives, blunt objects;
  • Hallucinogenic substances, drugs and other substances that are banned according to the legal provisions;



The provisions of this Regulation will be effective throughout the entire duration of DAKINI FESTIVAL and are mandatory for each participant; it defines rules/norms/behavior that each participant in the event must adopt and abide.

This regulation establishes the rights and obligations arising in connection with the organization and performing of DAKINI FESTIVAL and is effective between the organizer and the participant as well as before the legal Authorities in case of non-compliance/violation of the herein dispositions.

The organizer reserves the right to amend this regulation, without prior notification of the participant; any amendments will be posted on the website www.dakinifestival.com – section “Terms and conditions“.

By purchasing the ticket, the participant declares at his/her own risk that he/she acknowledged these dispositions, agrees with their content and undertakes to fully comply with them; in the event of a partial and/or total breach – responsibility rests fully with him/her.

  1. General conditions.
  2. Tickets

There is 1 (one) single ticket for the festival: subscription valid for a period of 4 days. Subscriptions can be purchased online at www.hadra.net, www.eventim.ro, www.beatbase.com

  1. Subscription grants access to the participant in all 4 (four) days of festival.
  2. The camping fee is 15 euro/vehicle and the access ticket must be purchased separately in order to provide the access to the camping area. The fee includes access to the area + related facilities. Areas specially designed for tents/vehicles will be equipped with toilets, showers + devices charging areas + ambient lighting. The area lies outside the perimeter of the Festival. Access will be granted only through presentation of a special camping access wristband.

*The Organizer does not assume responsibility for personal belongings of the participants. Valuable objects can be left in custody in the specially designed areas.

  1. The organizer guarantees only for the validity of tickets purchased through above mentioned partners.
  2. Reselling of tickets or invitations – forbidden; the organizer reserves the right to prohibit access presenting any other type of ticket than those issued by it or by its partners; without granting compensation in this respect.
  3. Ticket validation is done in the access areas, the participant will receive – after identification – a wristband on the basis of which receives access to the venue. Ticket scanning and application of the wristband to a participant establishes the liability to keep the wristband on the wrist throughout the event. The organizer reserves the right to evacuate people who don’t have the wristband and those whose wristbands show traces of transmission from third persons.

Art. 2. Ticket purchase

  1. Buying tickets online can be done on eventim.ro and www.hadra.net, www.beatbase.com.

After purchase, the ticket will be electronically forwarded to the buyer’s provided email address. Tickets are not nominal. Depending on the chosen partner, tickets can be picked up from the working locations available on their specialized sites.

  1. The equivalent value of the purchased tickets will not be refunded except for strongly motivated situations, proven with documents.

Art. 3. Venue access

  1. Access will be granted only in special areas and based on the wristband. All participants at the venue will have their identity card or passport with them at the time of presentation at the event access points.
  2. Access for minors under 12 years old is free of charge and is only allowed to those accompanied by one of the parents. Registration of minors should be done priory at the specially designated section. When showing up for registration, the accompanying parent should hold the access ticket, the ID card and the birth certificate of the minor. Preregistration of the minor is mandatory.
  3. Access of minors between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age is allowed on the basis of a valid ticket and only accompanied by one of the parents.

For minors between the ages of 12-18 years old – depending on the moment of purchasing the ticket – they benefit from discounts in the quantum of 25% of the full reported price at the time of purchase. At the presentation for registration, the accompanying parent must hold the tickets, ID card and birth certificate of the minor. Preregistration of the minor is mandatory.

  1. Participants state at their own risk to/but without being limited to, the following:
  2. a) their physical health and mental state allow them the participation in the event without jeopardizing their health and physical and moral integrity. Participants known/declared to have mental or physical disorders and who have fear of crowds, strong noise, acoustic, visual and audio effects, state to assume all the risk for the damages that they could suffer or cause to third parties by participating in the event.
  3. b) For areas of workshops, yoga activities, entertainment, sports, children’s playground and beach area, as well as other specific activities with a risk of accident, the participants state that they have both physical and mental conditions of participation, as well as the necessary knowledge.
  4. Special conditions.

All participants in the DAKINI FESTIVAL event will have a conduct in accordance with social and moral norms as well as and with the laws of Romania.

  1. It is prohibited to conduct activities of any kind that were not previously approved by the organizer; activities which could put in danger in any way or affect by any means the safety, integrity or rights of persons; or the image and rights of the organizer.
  2. Throughout the duration of the event, both in the perimeter, as well as in the related services areas, all participants are obliged to protect the environment by keeping it clean and by observing the indications of the organizer concerning picking up/storage/collection of waste, etc.
  3. Media participants, as well as participants can conduct photo/video activities. By being present, the participant states that he/she acknowledged that he/she could appear in such material and he/she shows that does not have claims on those materials. The indicated participants, as well as the organizer can use those materials without requesting the confining of specific activities by third parties.
  4. Minors are forbidden to serve and consume alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.
  5. Possession, sale-purchase, consumption of drugs, hallucinogens or other classes of narcotics is illegal and strictly prohibited. Any participant identified violating the provisions of this article – the organizer’s representatives shall notify the competent authorities immediately – in order to sanction the responsible. Until the arrival of police squad, the person thus identified will be taken under the security company’s escort outside the perimeter of the event.
  6. Swimming is strictly forbidden outside the hours indicated both by the displayed schedule, as well as by the authorized staff – lifeguard; swimming outside permitted schedule is done at own risk, as the organizer together with the security company and the lifeguards crew do not have established any liability in their task for the producing of eventual incidents outside the established program/weather conditions and/or for failure to comply with instructions of lifeguards and ignoring of warnings, markings and/or buoys/beacons during working hours – according to the dispositions of HG no.: 1136/2007
  7. In the camping area:

– access is permitted only to participants who have the camping wristband received at the moment of registration;

– valuable objects left in the camping area are exclusively the responsibility of the participant – the organizer will not grant any damages and cannot be held responsible for situation of loss/theft;

– access is strictly forbidden with open fire, gas tanks, barbecues, as well as other inflammable substances. The participants holding access to the camping area can be subjected to body search or luggage search every time the Security Agents have suspicions.

  1. Drones or any other type of flying aerial devices are prohibited. Participants who want to own and use in the event perimeter and in specially designated services area aerial devices like drones, are obliged to hold and present the authorizations issued by the MAPN, ROMATSA and Romanian Air Forces – stating the period, gps coordinates, location, maximum admitted height, number of registration of drone, operator’s approval, as well as characteristics of the drone or of the aerial device.
  2. DAKINI FESTIVAL participants should have an ethical and moral behavior throughout the duration of the event, as well as concerning the services providers and the other participants also by observing and keeping the silence in yoga village and the tents area.
  3. The organizer will cover the entire perimeter with qualified security staff in order to ensure the proper performance of the event; as well as securing of interest areas, access, area designated for parking, etc. Participants are obliged to respect instructions of security agents and also to observe instructions in case of emergency. For situations when participants with inadequate attitudes/conducts will be identified, the organizer is entitled, by means of the security agents, to order the evacuation and limitation of the access at the event and in the camping area (if applicable), as they will be escorted to gather their personal belongings.
  4. The „lost and found” area will function 24/24h. Any goods found in the perimeter of the event + annexes will be handed over to the operator who will make sure to take over/take into custody and return to owners – with observing standard procedures. If these goods are found lost after the performance of the event DAKINI FESTIVAL, the participants can contact the organizers where they will find information related to the existence/non-existence of that good, as well as details about the return procedure (in positive situations).
  5. Throughout the duration of theDAKINI FESTIVAL, products and services are available only in places that are especially designated (bar, food court) and made available only by authorized sellers. Participants undertake to use as means of payment only those methods and instruments accepted by the organizers and their partners.
  6. The participants in DAKINI FESTIVAL have warrant free and uninterrupted access to all areas related to the performance of the event (stages, workshops, relaxation areas, food court, bar, etc.) including area where taxes/fees are perceived for participation.
  7. The organizer in entitled:

– to modify the period of DAKINI FESTIVAL if a force majeure event occurs, impossibility situation proven though a Certificate issued by the authorized institutions;

– to modify the hours/duration and the order of artists in the program for each stage;

– to not be held responsible and to not pay possible damages or to be in any way liable for all civil or criminal acts of harming, damaging third parties products and in which the organizer was not involved, such as: faulty organization, carelessness, not knowing legal provisions, etc.

  1. The organizer has the right:

– to ban access and/or evacuate participants from the areas designated for DAKINI FESTIVAL – when are found breaches:

– of this regulation;

– of the human rights and liberties;

– of the right of free speech;

– legislation in force on public order;

– legal dispositions on possession, sale-purchase, consumption of drugs, hallucinogenic substances and any other type of prohibited substances;

– legal dispositions on the possession of lethal weapons, blunt objects, pepper sprays, explosive and/or pyrotechnical materials, etc.

In what concerns situations above, if attempts or violations are found or acts for which attempt and accomplishment (consumption) is sanctioned, besides evacuation from the organization/performance perimeter of DAKINI FESTIVAL, the organizer is obliged to request the intervention of the competent authorities in order to take applicable measures.

Conformity declaration:

This regulation establishes rights and obligations for both parties, under the form of collaboration between them on the entire duration of the event.

By purchasing each ticket – individually – any participant of legal age or minor accompanied by a legal guardian – states, at his/her own risk and knowing the legal provisions in this matter that: by purchasing the ticket relates to DAKINI FESTIVAL implicitly the PARTICIPANT has acknowledged the dispositions of this regulation and in accordance with the legal provisions in the matter undertakes to fully observe them and to take responsibility before competent authorities in case of violation.