When and where is Dakini Festival taking place?

A: Dakini Festival is taking place between 29 June – 2 July, 2017, in Tuzla, Constanta County, Romania

Are tickets which ensure you dedicated seats?

A: No – it is impossible to have dedicated seats, it is a festival.

Are there any tickets for a day only, or for the weekend?

A: No.

Until what date I can buy tickets online?

A: Until the 28 of June 2017 including, on and – subsequent at the cashiers festival.

I ordered and paid for the tickets, but I haven’t receive them yet.

A: Please, verify your junk folder, if you still have not received anything, you should contact the agency or or

What is included in the price of the ticket?

A: Access – from Day 0 – to all the programs, workshops and the rest of activities, free parking – exceptional individual therapy sessions. If you want to sleep on Dakini’s land, you need to have a camping pass.

Should I bring my ID?

A: According to the Romanian Law, everybody is required to have ID.

Can I cancel or return my ticket?

A: Cancelling a purchased ticket and money refund is not possible.

When will Dakini doors be open?

A: We are waiting for you starting June 28, 2017.

When will the camping doors be open?

A: Camping zone will be available from June 28, 2017

When will Dakini doors be closed?

A: Dakini will say good bye to their friends on July 3rd 2017.

What currency can I use?

A: You can only use Lei – national currency, but there will be atms, pos and exchange offices.

How old do I have to be to attend Dakini?

A: You should be at least 18 years old. People aged under 18 should be accompanied by parents or an adult, on the basis of a proxy.

Do people with disabilities have discounts?

A: No, but the companion has acces free.

How I be able to enter the camping area?

A: Only with a camping bracelet, which will be given at the exchange of the camping tickets.

I’ll get tent?

A: No – tickets include only acces camping area and facilities

What is included in a camping ticket?

A: A camping ticket includes 2 persons acces plus a tent or a caravan + acces to facilities (security, toilets, showers, enlightened)

Can I come and go as a I please?

A: Yes, you will get a bracelet in exchange for the Dakini’s ticket, that will allow you to go in and out.

Where can I apply to became a volunteer for Dakini?

A: Please send mail at